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E-Bike Rental

Our electric mountain bike allows you to move about the city while breathing fresh air and vitality. Flexible, environmentally friendly, …
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$20.00 per Day


Some call them scooters some say moped. Either way, they high quality, uniquely designed, because of its fat wheels and Harley design, fun …
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Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicles

Electric Mountain Bike

Luxury Style - 500W 48V high power electric …
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Electric Scooter

Fat Wheel Scooter. Fat wheels for fast …
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Electric Surfboard

An electric surfboard is a board that is …
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About Our Company

Best E-Bikes and E-Scooters

Located in Guanacaste, Costa Rica, E-Soto minor electric vehicle services such as, electric bikes, scooters, and surfboards as well as offering E-Bike rental services. We provide our services to individuals, hotels, gated communities and gated communities in Costa Rica. We are totally committed making it ...

E-Bikes For All

Not only do we offer the most acclaimed Electronic mountain bikes but we also rent E-bikes for the day! Not so sure about buying one just yet? Give it a test drive for a couple of days. 

We also supply Hotels with e-bikes ready to rent for hotel guests. Contact us today to learn more about our rental services!


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